Andrew Watson


Dr. Andrew Watson is a fourth-generation surgeon and the eighth surgeon in his
family.  He earned his master’s degree at the University of Oxford studying 17 th
Century Baroque Architecture and attended medical school at the Columbia
University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He did his surgical internship,
residency, and minimally invasive fellowship at UPMC.
He is an actively practicing colorectal surgeon at UPMC, he specializes in minimally
invasive and complex / salvage re-operative inflammatory bowel disease surgery. He
is the primary colorectal surgeon in the IBD medical home under UPMC Insurance
Services Division. He was a co-founder of IBD Live, a national weekly video grand-
rounds that focuses on value-based and complex IBD cases. He is on the multi-site
stakeholder-advisory board (SAB) of the UPMC Insurance Services PCORI grant
focusing on IBD complex care.
He actively uses and helps to develop telemedicine at UPMC with a focus on remote
patient monitoring, he has personally done over 530 virtual consults including pre-
operative, post-operative, tele-rounding, intra-operative, and remote patient
monitoring. He was President of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) in
2019 and was influential in rebalancing the board to include multiple payers and with
a focus on value for telemedicine. He was program chair in 2018 and served on all
committees over 8 years including its strategy committee, executive, finance and audit.
He was elected as a Fellow of the ATA in 2020. He co-founded and co-leads the
national tweet-chat #TelemedNow starting in early 2020 which gives practical advice
and guidance to the front lines of virtual care in the US.
He blends his career working for UPMC International, Insurance Services and Health
Services Divisions to practice and help envision the transformation of healthcare, with
a focus on telemedicine and value. He spent three years consulting in Norway and
Sweden as part of UPMC International and was part of the development and planning
committee for the European Telemedicine Conference. He is an active member of
the American College of Surgeons and led its Healthcare IT Committee for 2 years.
He happily lives in Pittsburgh with his wife Ritu, a cardiologist and social media
influencer, and one daughter.