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How Can Research Inform the Future of #Telemednow?

How can research inform the future of #TelemedNow?

  1. What are the key research questions that need to be answered to drive greater adoption of TH?

    • Do research questions differ by specialty, by setting, by population?

  2. What data and metrics should be routinely captured from telehealth encounters for research?

    • Can these data be integrated with other data sources, including EHRs and patient-entered data?

  3. What research methods can be used to these data for research? 

    • What technology can be used to capture data for research?

    • How can we incorporate informed consent into telehealth research?

  4. How can telehealth research provide insights into disparities and the digital divide?

  5. How can we disseminate telehealth research findings to drive implementation?

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